Stay Fit product range designed for Kompan.

The target of Stay Fit is not to train for sports, although participation in physical activity is a major plus. The downward spiral can start not only through inactivity but through even the most minor of physical mishaps. Trips and falls are the most frequent triggers for injuries. It is universally accepted that three-quarters of fatal and non-fatal accidents involving older people are caused by slipping or stumbling. 

Much of the Stay Fit range is based on facilitating the training of fundamental skills, like walking on uneven surfaces or navigating steps and stairs. The Up & Go may seem simplistic in the extreme, a seat, a help rail and a post to walk round, but it mimics some of the most important movements. By timing how many you can do, you can accurately gauge the level of fitness. So too with the Stairs & Ramp, Double Stairs and Balance Board.  Prevention is better than cure, but in the event of a mishap the equipment is also a valuable means of rehabilitation. 
Surface challenge
Balance Station
Balance board
Flex wheel
Ramp and stairs
Assisted step
Stretch station
Up and go
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