How may I help you?
I consult, analyze, develop, design and carries out projects. I am capable of designing and developing your next product. For more than 15 years I have worked with innovation, design, product development and design for manufacturing, I am therefore a specialist in my field. My services creates value for you and your customers through accurate design solutions that outperforms your competition while substantiating your brand through user experience and visual appearance.  
Design is not only style. The development of new succesful products is not based on gut feelings, guesswork or belief. But on hard facts. All my work is based on solid design know-how, experience, analysis, structure and insight.

Product Design
Good product design is what makes your business future-proof.
Having a strong and relevant product line-up is paramount to stay ahead of the competition and the ensuring the growth of your business. 
Optimizing exciting or adding new products generate brand value and improves your position in the market. This also makes sure that you meet your customers ever changing needs and demands. 
If you want to expand, refine or optimize your product portfolio, I am your external R&D partner and will assist you through the entire process of developing your new innovative products. I take care of all the tasks and responsibilities it requires to develop a new product, from designbrief to finished product, ready for production.

As your external partner I will contribute and inspire with fresh thinking to new development opportunities and identify things that your internal R&D department might not, as I am not part of the internal culture. I will ask the questions that might get lost in the daily routines and habits. But might become the starting point of your new development.
My People-Centric approach to design is based on a deep understanding of ergonomics and human experience of products. This guarantees design that blend with daily human needs, by taking the reality of daily life into account. This is mixed with my knowledge about materials and industrial manufacturing. The outcome is products where aesthetics, functionality and ergonomics goes hand in hand, while being suitable for production and meeting your target costs.

Whether the starting point of your project is a new market you would like to explore, a possible gap in your product portfolio or an optimized redesign of your existing product line. The goal is always to create value for you and your customers through outstanding design that has an impact on the market and generates new business, so your company can grow.
Concept Development
Applying design methods early in the development process can often strengthen ideas. A product should not only look great but also feel great to use. 
By asking the right questions at an early stage, applying my knowledge and experience I can help develop your ideas and make them better, while ensuring form, function and user experience are united in a solution that meets your and your customers needs and is suitable for production. 
 Which will result in helping you and your business excel.
Design Strategy
There is always room for improvement.
Through my experience from numerous development projects I have acquired a good-sized insight in how processes can be optimized and how development and innovation methods and strategies can be applied.

Having the right design strategy is essential to stay in front and makes sure that resources are used efficiently. Design strategy is all about creating a structure throughout the development process that is logical and focused. 
By applying a holistic and systematic process to how new products are developed all stakeholders and aspects are taken into account. 
This will reduce the complexity of both your products and the development process. Which will bring down costs, lead time and will strengthen the ability to develop relevant and competitive products. 

The goal is to refine and lower the expenses for sales, logistics, production and development. While making your business and earnings grow.
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