On the outside the car is designed to look robust and signal safety. The bulky wheel arches enhances the wheels, and is underlining that the power comes from the in-wheel motors. To create a strong identity and give the very short car direction the overall lines runs from front to rear. Design language is a blend of concave and convex surfaces to create dynamic reflections as the car moves through the city.

The Qbeak is designed to be small on the outside but spacious inside, it has numerous innovative features, and to achieve a more spacious interior and optimize weight distribution the battery storage is placed under the floor of the cabin and the motors are placed inside the wheels, this gave a lot more design freedom, and optimal use of the complete length and width of the car. 

The biggest challenge for electric cars is range, the key to extended range is weight reduction, and therefore the car is made of completely different 
materials. A huge part of the bodywork is from EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) with thermos formed plastic parts and the windows are made of 
Polycarbonate. The chassis is made of sandwich panels in Aluminium and EPP.
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